Cybersecurity Training for Employees.

Essential Protection for your Business!

Our Cyber Security awareness training for employees is designed to educate your company employees about matters relating to information security. This training aims to raise awareness of the various potential internal and external security risks to your organisation, including email scams, malware, weak passwords, and insider threats. By having employees that are properly trained with security awareness training, you ensure that your employees have a good understanding of security risks. Most importantly, you teach them about the importance of good cyber habits.

Cybersecurity Training

This cybersecurity training for employees course has been validated by the QMS experts at JC Auditors, an internationally accredited ISO 9001 certification body.


Introduction to Cyber Security

Protecting your organisation from the increasing threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches can be challenging. Your employees are a crucial line of defence. It is critical to ensure that they understand their security responsibilities and how to spot a cyber threat.

Phishing is a cybercrime in which individuals are contacted via email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution. This is done to trick individuals into providing sensitive data such as personal identifiable information, this includes banking and general website passwords.

Did you know that about 91% of successful data breaches started with a phishing attack?

Cyber Security Training

We live in a world filled with various risks and as business leaders we do our best to protect our businesses against the myriad of risks out there. We implement excellent physical barriers, including electric perimeter fences, stringent access control and guarding systems. It is essential to keep out intruders who wish to steal from our businesses right? But what about intruders that you cannot see? Intruders that are constantly trying to get access to your data and software. I know that if our servers were hacked or a virus got into our software, our business will literally be crippled!

Just the thought of it scares me! If your business was hacked and criminals held you to ransom, do you have a backup plan? Are all your team members fully aware that they are individually being targeted every day, multiple times day, enticing them to click on that oh-so-authentic looking “PO” or “RFQ” or “Payment Proof” plus a host of other “hooks”.

Will they know how to identify these criminal attempts? Think about it this way: Your businesses are impenetrable physical defence systems. But, what if the criminal that comes in via the front door is so well disguised that your security lets them in freely. Once they’re in, the damage they could do is unimaginable!

So, in the data world, we need to empower, educate, and constantly train our team to have their guard up for all technology threats/criminals that are relentless in their efforts to steal your data and hold your business to ransom. We see these hacks happening every day, all over our country, all over the world. So, this comprehensive data security training program is specifically designed to train your team on every possible attempt to breach your security. It will help you protect your business against the increasing attempts to get into your systems. These modules are short animated videos that will expertly guide your team through the complexities in a simple, easy-to-understand and high impact manner.

Our Cyber Security awareness training is designed to educate you about matters relating to information security. This training aims to raise awareness of the various potential internal and external security risks to your organisation, including email scams, malware, weak passwords, and insider threats.  Staff won’t be happy if you dump another 20 hour training session onto them, that’s why we kept each lesson short and informative.  We consulted with educators, students, cybersecurity experts and quality assurance ISO 9001 auditors to ensure this course gives you great value and is presented in an EASY to learn way.

Lesson 1

What’s wrong with using the same password EVERYWHERE?

Lesson 2

Has your password been leaked online?

Lesson 3

How to choose a password?

Lesson 4

Why you should STOP saving your passwords in your browser!

Lesson 5

Think Before You Share Your Password.

Lesson 6

What is Vishing?

Lesson 7

Callback Attacks


Lesson 8

What is a Password Manager and how to use it.

Lesson 9

What is Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Lesson 10

Phishing Scenarios

Lesson 11

Travel Scams – Don’t get caught!


Cyber Security Training for Staff MADE EASY!








The Protection of Personal Information Act South Africa was introduced in 2013 and has seen a growth in its implementation in recent years. The POPI Act requires every public and private body to provide staff with relevant necessary data protection training. This training walks you through the entire POPI Act without all the technical lingo, increasing your competency in interpreting and applying POPIA, developing the expertise to correctly implement POPIA, and growing your capability to better assist data subjects. These training sessions have been developed to enable businesses to have a good understanding of the essential requirements of the POPI Act South Africa.

Contents of POPI Course:

What is the POPI Act all about?
Why do we need the POPI Act?
Who will be affected by the Act?

Chapter 1: Definitions and Purpose
Chapter 2: Lawful processing, Rights of data subjects and Exclusions.
Chapter 3: Conditions for Lawful Processing of PI.
Chapter 4: Exemptions
Chapter 5: Supervision, Information Regulator and Information Officer.
Chapter 6: Prior Authorisation
Chapter 7: Codes of Conduct
Chapter 8: Rights of Data Subjects: Direct Marketing.
Chapter 9: Transborder Information Flows
Chapter 10: Enforcement
Chapter 11: Offenses, Penalties, and Administration Fines.
Chapter 12: General Provisions

Typical POPI Implementation Practices
Make POPI Act compliance “Business-As-Usual”
Is POPI the same as GDPR?

FREE POPI Training


The majority of South African companies / organisations are required to abide by the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), often known as the POPI Act.

Under POPI, it is against the law to gather, utilise, or store a customer’s or business’s personal information unless it complies with the rules and prohibitions outlined in the Act.
Our FREE POPI Toolkit includes every template, policy, procedure, form, and agreement required, along with step-by-step instructions and an action plan to make the POPI compliance process easier for you.
You can save thousands in consultant fees, policy and contract writing time, and other costs by using the FREE POPI Act Compliance Toolkit.
The toolkit will be made available to you via a download link after you have completed your purchase of ANY of our cybersecurity courses.

Documents included in your POPI Toolkit:
  • POPI Act Compliance Checklist
  • Popi Manual
  • Information Officer Appointment Letter
  • Employee POPI Consent & Notice
  • Client POPI Consent & Notice
  • And more

*documents supplied electronically..

Free Popi Toolkit


FREE Cybersecurity Posters are an easy way to keep good digital habits top of mind, between online cybersecurity awareness training courses.

Print them out and hang them up around the office and create a culture of cybersecurity with awareness.

We also included the FREE cybersecurity social media pack which includes posts that you can share on  your social media networks, internal intranet and WhatsApp.

Cybersecurity Posters
Cyber Security Posters


Whats included:

  • FREE POPI Compliance Training Videos
  • FREE POPI Toolkit – no more hassles with the law!
  • FREE Printable Posters
  • FREE Social Media Pack
  • Innovative Content Updated Regularly
  • Assessment Test – Certificate on Passing.
Cyber Security Certificate
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How long do we have access to the course?

Above prices give you access to the full course and documents including all updates for a period of 12 months from purchase.

Do you have any reseller options for this course?

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Do you offer Face to Face Training or via Zoom?

YES, we offer training face to face around South Africa (Travel Fees will apply). 

We also over Cyber Security Training via Zoom, half day and full day workshops.

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