Get more customers, research now shows that clients prefer to deal with businesses that have websites.
only a small percentage will work with businesses without websites.

When you looking for a service, what is the first thing that comes to mind? YES! GOOGLE IT!

If your business does not have a website, you are most likely loosing customers to your competitor who has a website.
And not just any website; but a mobile responsive website, one that can be accessed by mobile devices such as smartphones
and tablets. Online website traffic from mobile devices has been increasing rapidly.

A video can deliver your messaging content faster and more efficiently than text.
Adding a video about your business on your website page can increase conversion rates.

Having a professional email address has the following benefits for your business:

Creates better brand awareness for your business;
Representing your company with a free email account such as Yahoo or Gmail may be seen as a red flag for some customers;
If you want an effective website or one that can help you take your business to another level, you have to be prepared to invest in one. You can view our Web Design Packages and get started on making your brand shine.

• Provide an online catalog for your products, this reduces the number of unnecessary calls.
• Educate your audience with blogs and training manuals, the more people understand your products, the more likely they will engage with you.
• Provide customers with live chats, emails or built-in self help questionnaires.
• Make it easy for customers to find you location map, directions, phone numbers, and email addresses, view our simple video, made for customers to find us.

There are many benefits of having a website in South Africa:

• Develop an online presence
• Get discovered on Google
• Rank higher on search engines
• Give your potential customers the right information about your business
• Improve your advertising effectiveness
• Save money on printing
• Extend your local reach
• Build your reputation
• Improve customer service

Place your website address on all your existing promotional material (business cards, brochures). You could see a boost in sales. If someone who picked up a piece of business branding isn’t planning to buy right away, you have planted a seed, we had customers call us 3 years after getting business card. You combine traditional promotional materials with the added resource of your website, your business is more likely to “stick” in customers’ minds. The rule of seven quite simply states that it takes an average of seven interactions with your business brand before a purchase will take place. How many of us would buy a highly priced item from an unfamiliar brand? It’s likely we would do some research and gain a certain level of familiarity before we go ahead and make a purchase. By that time we should have the confidence to know the price is fair, the quality is good enough and anything else that may get in the way of making a decision.