At Terabyte Digital Agency, we manage many companies Facebook Page and Digital Marketing.
We often get asked about Page Roles, so here is a quick video to explain how to safe guard your business.
If you are struggling to manage your Facebook page, you may need to assign someone to manage your Facebook page for you.

If you have two Admin roles on Facebook, you will need both Admins to approve a request for a third Admin to be added. This has been added for security reasons by Facebook in 2O22.

When assigning a role on Facebook, do not make everyone admin on your Facebook page.
There are 5 main roles Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser and Analyst.

Admin role gives the user total access to make changes to the page.
The admin user could delete your Facebook page, add more people to manage your Facebook page, they could even remove you from your own Facebook page. Only assign this role to a person if you completely trust that person.

We always advise our clients to give a person an editor’s role. This gives them the freedom to manage the page but does not give them the ability to manage the page settings or to assign new page roles.

Admin – Gives total access to make changes to your page.
Editor- Can do everything BUT manage the page settings and page roles.
Moderator- Can send messages and respond to comments as the page.
Advertiser- Can only create adverts and view insights.
Analyst- Can only see insights and see who publishes on your page.

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